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A Growing Industry

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Large Consumer Market

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Affordable Start-Up Cost

About Us

Herbal Nail Bar is the dream come true for Don and Sophia Nguyen. Together they have over 20 years in the nail industry and believe you can have the latest and greatest nail trends. Herbal Nail Bar is more than another nail salon; Herbal Nail Bar is a top of the line organic, herbal nail treatment spa. Not only do they keep up with the latest nail trends, but they also focus on clients' long-term nail health as well. 

Our Concept

Herbal Nail Bar is a top of the line organic, herbal nail treatment spa. Unlike many nail bars, Herbal Nail Bar ensures customers' nails not only look beautiful, but maintain exceptional health. Tools are disposed after each use, so each client has a fresh, clean set, and use the most quality, organic ingredients in the industry. 

For the Herbal Nail Bar Franchisee

We want to provide our franchisees with a proven business model that generates substantial yearly revenue and an enjoyable experience within their location.

The Opportunity

Investing with Herbal Nail Bar is an amazing and unique opportunity to run your very own location. If you have a passion for nail art or nail care, then being a part of a Herbal Nail Bar franchise is the right decision. Herbal Nail Bar is an opportunity to make a difference. We create beautiful nails, but it's about more than a fresh coat of polish, it's about providing an one-of-a-kind experience to all of our clients. 

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